Marketing Internship

We're currently looking for a marketing intern to join our team at Dynamicweb.
Written by Digital Marketing Manager, Dynamicweb on 10.04.2018, 08:00
Marketing Internship
Your assignments

As our new Dynamicweb marketing intern, your primary assignments will be to create, plan and distribute content to support our content marketing strategy across different digital platforms and markets. Your primary focus areas will be newsletters, social media posts and campaigns, customer cases and blog posts.

In addition to the content marketing assignments, you will also be responsible for the daily tracking and registration of website leads and activities by use of our own Lead Tool combined with Microsoft D365 CRM. 

Depending on your future career plans, we will try to optimize your daily workflow and assignments to further support and strengthening your professional resume. You will also get free access to all our internal training sessions where you can achieve multiple Dynamicweb CMS, Marketing and Ecommerce certifications.

Our expectations

We expect that you have a profound interest in working with digital content creation, planning and distribution. Our current workflows are not absolute, and we highly appreciate interns who are actively willing to question and optimize our processes.

Daily lead registration and content planning is a requirement, but besides from that you will not be handed any ‘to-do’ lists. Instead, we expect that you are proactive and willing to support us with your own marketing ideas and initiatives.


We will setup an initial meeting where will agree on your weekly workflow and expected time frame for the internship. At this meeting, we can also discuss a potential collaboration on your internship exam project.

You will join our 30+ virtual team spanning multiple timezones. On some given Fridays we meet virtually using Zoom to play remote games. We have a well-stocked fridge, beautiful co-working office, great colleagues and coffee.

Got questions or want to apply?

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding the internship.