The two national furniture chains Danbo and Smag & Behag are both voluntary furniture chains and part of the In2house franchise.


Danbo previously practiced an individual online strategy, where each store had its own unique domain corresponding to the city in which the store was located – e.g. viborg.danbo.dk. This approach did, however, generate a range of SEO disadvantages since the “link juice”, being the value added to the site by Google, was spread across all the different domains. Danbo, therefore, needed a single domain containing incorporating all the individual stores.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Novicell and In2House decided to launch Danbo.dk based on an integrated Dynamicweb platform, containing the needed ecommerce, Content Management and Marketing tools. Most importantly, it would enable Danbo to create highly optimized solutions for the search engines by using the built in keyword analysis tool, and thereby to gain new and improved online visibility.


The solution has shown an impressive 29% improvement in traffic generated by product related keywords, and Danbo has now gone from outside of the top 50 to number 1 on the keyword “Møbler” (furniture).

The results have also shown a continuous increase in online sales and brand awareness, which eventually supports the cross-channel interaction between the websites and the physical stores.
Thomas Hagerup, Managing Director at In2House
"We are very pleased with the positive impact generated by our cooperation, especially concerning our online visibility. We now look forward to the launch of Smag & Behag, where we expect to see similar results."
- Thomas Hagerup, Managing Director at In2House
B2C, Marketing, Retail

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