Danish Agro

The Danish Agro Group employs more than 4,500 employees and consists of 80 agro-industrial around the world that specializes in trading crops, feed, fertilizers and seeds.


Danish Agro approached Dynamicweb partner Novicell with a request for a new collective platform solution capable of gathering all the individual sub-companies in one single place. In addition, the solution needed to be flexible and able to comply with the company’s plans for implementing ecommerce, digital marketing and language versioning.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Danish Agro and Novicell has used the Dynamicweb All-in-One Business Platform as foundation for the new digital solution, which currently encompasses the following three business areas:

1) The Danish Agro corporate website includes 15 different languages and worldwide subsidiaries. Currently, 29 international editors run the site by creating and publishing content modified according to local preferences. The individual sites are basically the same, but takes into account each company’s individual needs: User-specific price lists, employees are imported daily from LandIT and commodity prices are extracted from the Danish Agro portal.

2) The B2C ecommerce, danishagroshoppen.dk, which uses the Dynamicweb Integration Framework for live integration with Dynamics NAV.

3) The B2B shop, hattingagro.dk, with integration to Dynamics AX, which plays a central part in the company’s plans for launching an automated order-flow. Danish Agro expect to add Perfion PIM (Product Information Management) to the ecommerce solution during 2016.

All the individual business areas and websites uses Dynamicweb Items to ensure an editor friendly and consistent way of publishing new content.


The Dynamicweb scalability and flexibility combined with the ability to connect additional modules, such as a shop solution and e-mail marketing, was the perfect fit for the job.

At the same time, Dynamicweb enables the company to create 15 different language layers, so that Danish Agro can compile all their digital activities, both domestic and internationally, in one single solution.

Finally, the flexibility of the platform makes it easy to add new subsidiaries by simply copying one of the existing websites combined with full access to the shared files- and image folder, which contains all the necessary corporate material.

Performance: danishagro.dk
• Traffic increased by 19%

Performance: danishagroshoppen.dk
• Organic searches increased by 307% due to site optimization
• Number of sessions has increased by 285%
• Transactions increased by 208%
• Turnover increased by 52%

Performance: hattingagro.dk
• Conversion rate increased by 62%
• Traffic increased by 13%
Lise Vølund, Head of Marketing, Danish Agro
"We chose Dynamicweb because it covers everything. Instead of using one system when sending out newsletters and another when working with SEO, we need a centrally managed system that can solve all our needs while continuously developing and optimizing our digital presence."
- Lise Vølund, Head of Marketing, Danish Agro
Danish Agro
Danish Agro
B2C, B2B, CMS, Distribution, Dynamics NAV

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