Hjem-Is is a Danish ice cream company founded in 1976 and is known especially for its familiar ice cream trucks that tours Denmark every summer. In order to increase sales and to reach more customers, the company and its familiar ice-cream bell has decided to venture online.


Previously, Hjem-IS operated with a very limited ecommerce solution lacking contemporary design and user friendliness.

To revitalize their online presence, Hjem-IS wanted a new up-to-date ecommerce solution with improved purchasing flows capable of increasing the number of online sales. The new solution should include a customer club with loyalty points capable of integrating to Hjem-IS’ existing tour manager, Kartena, to inform customers about local delivery times based on the delivery trucks’ GPS coordinates.

Dynamicweb as a solution

Hjem-IS teamed up with Dynamicweb partner, 1st Web, and decided to use the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform for building their new ecommerce solution.

The result is a new customer oriented ecommerce solution featuring a customer club that introduces new personalized purchasing options. Customers can login and pick their favorite ice creams and other products from different assortments – and then add it to their own personalized order.

The ecommerce solution automatically includes discounts and offers before the final order is transferred to packaging and delivered to the customers by the Hjem-IS ice cream trucks. The customer receives notification via SMS. A complex integration build by 1st Web checks the clients address vs. where the truck is located at the moment. Via an algorithm, which calculates distance to time, it ensures that an external SMS server sends a SMS to the client exactly 15 minutes before the truck arrives the clients address. The SMS of cause contains relevant offers to the client.

With the new ecommerce and customer club solution, Hjem-IS is one-step closer to a fully functional omni channel solution.


Since launching the new ecommerce solution and customer club, Hjem-IS is experiencing a new record-high level of customer loyalty based on online engagement in newsletters and on social media, but also in number of transactions from the ice cream trucks.

The total turnover has increased and so has the average order size. All customer information is collected in Dynamicweb, which Hjem-IS will use to further personalize and target the customer experience.
"Thanks to the new cross-channel customer club and loyalty points, our customers are now able to compile their own personal product packages across our full product assortment. Through the integration to the club-card system, we can monitor and manage the number of loyalty points obtained by each customer, and then use the data to further improve the customer experience. Throughout the process, 1st Web has been a competent technical supplier and business adviser capable of connecting our online presence across more than 7 different systems. "
- Hjem-IS
B2C, Marketing, Distribution
1st Web ApS

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