Great Opportunities for Personalizing Your Ecommerce

It comes as no surprise that online customers want to be treated with the same respect of individuality that offline customers get. But how do you, as an eBusiness, treat the customer as unique when you don’t even see their face? How do you deliver relevant content and product offerings to a customer you’ve never met? The answer is eCommerce personalization.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 25.06.2014, 08:00
Great Opportunities for Personalizing Your Ecommerce

What is eCommerce Personalization?

Personalization means that your eCommerce website uses data and analysis to better understand a given user at a given time. Basically, your site tracks the behavior and history of a site visitor and uses this information to present them with an enhanced customer experience based on their interests. eCommerce personalization is automated to save you time while engaging your customers and increasing the chance of conversion.

The customer journey itself presents you with several chances to gather data on a visitor in order to present them with a tailored experience. Here are three prime opportunities for eCommerce personalization at various stages of customer engagement:

The Newly Arrived

When it comes to giving your customer a great experience, there’s no time like the present. Why not present a user with personalization as soon as they arrive to your website? One of the ways you do this is by determining how they got to your site in the first place. If your visitor came to your site via a specific search engine while searching a specific keyword, then tailor the experience around that information.

Relevant content comes in many forms, such as specific promotions, product offerings, or targeted material (i.e. a promoted whitepaper related to the keyword searched by your visitor).  And with eCommerce personalization, you give your customer a better greeting when you use search data as well as other potentially useful information such as location, browser, or mobile device to tailor the experience towards their needs.

The Browser

Once your customer has arrived to your site and starts clicking around, it’s not too late to give them the personalized experience.   If you want to roll out the custom carpet treatment, track their behavior as they browse your site and use their prominent interests to offer them relevant content and promotions. For instance, if your customer clicks on eight pages in a row all about sports utility vehicles, it’s a safe bet to say that they’re interested in SUVs and related products. You then elect to show them more content based on SUVs. With the Dynamicweb eCommerce solution, we call this “profiling.”

The Registered User

It’s possible that your visitor has already arrived and has also already browsed around your site. In fact, your visitor might already be a customer! For existing customers, you have even more options for eCommerce personalization. If your customer logs in and has registered with your site prior, then mine that data to present them with the best experience possible. The information on their past purchases gives you a great opportunity for cross-selling related products.

eCommerce Personalization Everywhere

No matter where your customer is in the buying cycle, you have the opportunity to give treat them like a unique person. Personalization is about respecting their humanity and presenting them with relevant content that piques their interest.