Poor Lead Management

70% of leads are never followed up. Conversely, 70% of initially unqualified leads become qualified within 12 months, if nurtured.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 08.10.2013, 08:00
Poor Lead Management


Here are a couple other interesting points:

  • Leads convert 22 times more often when you make contact in 5 minutes
  • 73% of sales teams do not have a process to re-qualify or re-visit leads.

One alarming consequence of failing to nurture your prospects and leads is that prospects fail to keep your business top of mind, the prospects forget about you, you do not get the sale, and revenue decreases. If that worries you, check out the multitude of other scenarios in the scary wheel of ” The Consequences of Poor Lead Management” below. (From the Business 2 Community blog).