New partnership between skyPIM and Dynamicweb

skyPIM and Dynamicweb combine ecommerce and product information management at your fingertips into an all in one platform delivering a strong competitive advantage to every customer.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 02.03.2015, 09:30
New partnership between skyPIM and Dynamicweb

skyPIM, leading supplier of product information management (PIM) solutions, and Dynamicweb, provider of an All-in-One Business Platform for online marketing and ecommerce has developed a tightly integrated platform for getting all information and logic aligned and correct across any platform and through any channel, where customers today are reached.

The platform guarantees that all information and logic relating to any product always are presented the best possible way to your potential customer, regardless of channel of contact. Bringing the right and consistent information presented the best possible way in front of your potential customer are the prerequisites for getting the customer to make the all important buying decision. skyPIM and Dynamicweb delivers just that!

Being this agile towards the customer experience was formerly reserved for huge companies with massive budgets for setting up complex systems handling product information and logic. On top of that, it was also necessary to invest in equally expensive ecommerce solutions. The combined platform from skyPIM and Dynamicweb bring agility to the customer experience regardless of company size at a much lower investment and cost of ownership.

The return of investment is counted in days – not years.

About skyPIM

skyPIM is a Product Information Management (PIM) solution for Companies with a complex product structure or need for multi-channel, language and image communication. With skyPIM you get a cloudbased repository for product information and logic which gives you control of all product data and logic wherever applied (e.g. e-commerce, supplier portals, smart phone apps, printed catalogues, digital catalogues, datasheets, social media, direct mails and newsletters). Product information management has up till now been a competitive advantage reserved for enterprise level companies – skyPIM is an enterprise robust product information management system for any size company. skyPIM integrates easily to any of your existing it-systems, and you can have your current IT-supplier to integrate skyPIM the way you would like. A low monthly payment and a fast-track implementation gives every customer a huge competitive advantage.

About Dynamicweb 

Dynamicweb is a leading software company developing products that helps you grow and optimize your online business. Our All-in-One Business Platform combines Content ManagementEcommerce and Marketing capabilities to create powerful customer experiences across all channels, which increases conversions and optimizes customer lifetime value. Today, thousands of businesses are running more than 12,000 websites with Dynamicweb. We are expanding our services internationally in close corporation with 200 certified partners in 13 countries.