Welcome to Dynamicweb 8.8

The latest release is ready for download and includes a whole range of new and improved ecommerce capabilities.
Written by Dynamicweb Software on 27.01.2016, 09:30
Welcome to Dynamicweb 8.8

Explore the new features and improvements
Learn how you can benefit from the latest features and improvements by downloading the release presentation. Here's a couple of headlines:

  • Optimize ecommerce with Raptor recommendation engine
  • Service customers with “Back in stock” notifications
  • Include additional providers for saved cards and recurring orders
  • Benefit from new ‘Search & Indexing engine’ capabilities
  • Access all content with full customer impersonation

Please contact your Dynamicweb partner if you're interested in upgrading your current solution, or use the form below if you have any questions regarding the release.