Digital Marketing for personalized experiences

Dynamicweb combines automated email marketing, content personalization, lead gen scoring, precise user segmentation, and split tests to wow existing customers and win new ones.

Robust Marketing capabilities

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

• Personalization to deliver targeted and relevant content

• Content adaption for all devices like mobiles and tablet

• Multi-channel capabilities for consistency across channels

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

• Personalized emails based on behavior or segmentation

• Automated campaign triggers based on metrics or behavior

• Various split test possibilites to increase click rates and ROI

Process Optimization

Lead Generation​

• Build landing pages with compelling forms and CTAs

• Boost traffic from SEO with built in keyword analysis tool

• Improve customer data through CRM integration

Integrated email marketing

Don’t waste marketing resources by using various external systems. With Dynamicweb, all of of your content, users and customer behavioral and transactional data are at your finger tips. Improve your email marketing flow to optimize performance through personalization, split-testing and automation.

Download white paper: Drive more sales through integrated ecommerce email marketing


Content Personalization

Deliver personalized experiences based on IP localization, referring sites and on-site behavior. Easily set up triggers that reveal focused content to keep customers engaged and improve conversions.

Watch 2-minute demo: Content Personalization in Dynamicweb

Intelligent Targeting

Blend on-site behavior and CRM customer details with ERP transactional data to target customers. Set it up once, and Dynamicweb can automatically deliver drip email campaigns that are sure to increase sales.

Watch 2-minute demo: Email segmentation in Dynamicweb


B2B and B2C booking portal

Europcar launch new B2B and B2C booking portal that handles 7,000+ passenger cars, vans and lorries based on solid performance and live updates on products and prices.


Establish Loyalty Incentives

Improve your customer retention and generate new cross- and upsells through customer clubs and loyalty points. Allow your customers to redeem points on qualifying products or to attain tiers of achievement toward free shipping, discounts and other incentives.

Watch 2-minute demo: Setup Promo Codes / Discounts in Dynamicweb

Generate more leads from your website

Build landing pages with compelling web forms and calls to action, and use the Dynamicweb ‘Lead Tool’ to turn anonymous visitors into identified visitors. Keep track of the data directly in Dynamicweb – or transfer everything to your CRM system, with a weighted score. Your sales team will be empowered with details of a prospect’s recent visit.

Download white paper: Boost sales with B2B lead generation from your website


Split-test and optimize

Forget about gut feelings or personal opinions – use the integrated A/B split-testing tool to test different variations of your content and to improve your conversion rate. It is easy to setup and runs automatically without compromising your daily work processes. It will even pick the better performing page.

Download white paper: 5 ways to generate more leads from your digital activities

Improve your go-to-market strategy

Dynamicweb combines an easy-to-use campaign system that combines our unique user targeting engine that automatically grows when customers transact, to save valuable time and resources when launching campaigns.

Watch 2-minute demo: Email segmentation in Dynamicweb


Increase sales with Ecommerce Email Marketing

Learn how to increase revenue with more than 20% by using ecommerce email marketing - including personalization, vouchers, loyalty points, customer club and abandoned shopping cart campaigns. 

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