Take control of your extensive product information

Working with Dynamicweb Product Information Management (PIM) means fewer applications, integrations and systems. It is fast and inexpensive to implement and maintain, and it comes with both frontend and backend access.​

Dynamicweb PIM advantages

Less complexity

Less complexity

• PIM and Ecommerce in the same platform or stand alone

• Faster implementation compared to other PIM systems

• Manage product relationships and use live frontend preview 

PIM backend capabilities​

PIM backend capabilities​

• Enrich, group and organize your products and variants

• Validate and monitor changes with notifications and workflows

• Import and export your product data to Excel

PIM frontend capabilities

PIM frontend capabilities

• Standard frontend with self-service for partners and dealers

• Download product data & digital asset in relevant formats

• Deliver feeds to marketplaces, channels and printed catalogs

Experience Dynamicweb PIM


Watch this 2-minute presentation

Dynamicweb PIM is a mature and professional solution encompassing all the capabilities you need in handling product information from getting the 360-degree overview, having a flexible data structure, ensuring data quality, exploiting product relationships, inclusion of digital assets to being true multi-lingual.


Single-source of truth

Use Dynamicweb PIM as “single-source” for inheriting data across variants, product groups and languages. Import / export your product data in various formats and group products in structures that supports your business.

Download white paper: Why PIM is key to ecommerce success

Content that converts

Enhanced content for various audiences and languages is the key ingredient in ensuring conversions. Dynamicweb PIM enables the augmentation of content of ERP product data to support great customer experiences.

Watch 2-minute demo: Take control of your product information with Dynamicweb PIM


Product monitoring

Use the Dynamicweb ‘Smart Search’ engine to define dynamic product lists – i.e. latest product changes, products with incomplete data etc. and setup automated email notifications when search is changed - in case of new products, translations etc.

Watch webinar recording: Product control and overview in Dynamicweb PIM

Customizable PIM dashboard and workflows

Configure your own dashboards with customizable widgets to keep track of key data and setup your own personal workflows using dynamic query data.

Watch 2-minute demo: Setup personal dashboards in Dynamicweb


B2B ecommerce portal with PIM

ID use Dynamicweb PIM and ecommerce to present high-quality product information in a highly intuitive and user-friendly ecommerce setting with the ability to handpick and download product data from the entire product catalog.


Multi product edit view

Choose the visible product fields you want in your view to handle everything in the same place – i.e. product text, images, languages, categories, related products and variants.

Watch webinar recording: Combine Products and multi-edit in Dynamicweb PIM

Live preview in ecommerce

Proof (preview) of product content, direct in LIVE ecommerce environment. Distribute link to partners and colleges for faster approval.


100% standard PIM frontend

Use it out-of-the-box for customer or supplier portals with self-service solution for product data and digital asset download in relevant image and text formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, XML, JSON, CSV etc.

Watch webinar recording: Handling Digital Assets in Dynamicweb PIM

Product data workflows made easy

Dynamicweb PIM saves all versions of your product information, so you can compare and roll-back. On top, there's an extensive workflow engine to support your processes.

Watch webinar recording: Product workflows in Dynamicweb PIM


Language translations made easier

Once languages and product fields have been established, an Excel spread sheet can be shared with translation bureaus to more easily input data. 

Watch webinar recording: Product Versioning in Dynamicweb PIM


B2B ecommerce portal with PIM

Ambu use Dynamicweb B2B ecommerce and PIM portal for servicing millions of healthcare professionals worldwide. All products and product information is presented in new intuitive categories resembling daily customer workflows.

Benefit from Integrated Product Information Management (PIM)

Working with Dynamicweb PIM means fewer applications, integrations and less complexity. It is fast and inexpensive to implement and maintain, and it includes a frontend portal and an administrative portal for your whole team.


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